The coming and the going

Goodbyes taste the worst even worse than apple sauce. Wanting to move on comes easy but letting go does not. The coming and the going and then again coming back. But at some point you must stop and reevaluate the strength you thought you had. Enduring self-induced pain doesn’t equal strength. Strength is knowing you … Continue reading The coming and the going

True Identity

Look at yourself. You’re more than the stereotypes and the labels they’ve added to your life. All these you so innocently believed, but that innocence is now ignorance and this is how you see yourself, the world, and me. Look deeper within. You are a Divine being. The reflection of everything that is, was and … Continue reading True Identity

Reflections Of Our Times

As a person of color with creative inclinations, I’ve been sensing the need to express my feelings regarding the current climate of our nation, and world. Also as a source of positivity for others, I feel the responsibility to be a reminder of hope and light in the midst of these dark times. However, in … Continue reading Reflections Of Our Times

I Am A Space Holder

The path to reconnecting with our Higher and True Self is long and many times painful. But it gets more bearable with a supportive community who is on the same path and continuously encourage our growth. Although the lessons don’t stop coming, they do get less painful once we start listening, learning and letting go.  … Continue reading I Am A Space Holder